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Guidelines for garden use

We recognise this seems like a lot of rules but we hope it will make the garden enjoyable for all. If you let your flat, you are responsible for ensuring your tenants know about this guidance.

• There are eight lightweight blue chairs, three inside the cellar of Block A and five outside the garden entrance of Block B. Please give priority to those who, because of age or health problems, have difficulty carrying chairs from their flats. Please return these chairs after use.
• No portable radios etc please (other than ones with earphones).
• Please shut the gates to the garden: the small gate at the south end of the garden and the two car park gates. Leaving them open is a hazard for small children who may wander out and also a security risk.
• There is a key to the back gate on to the Heath. The porter will let you have one if you have not got it. Always shut and lock the gate.
• It can get very muddy on the Heath and in the garden. There are boot scrapers outside each garden entrance to The Pryors. Please use them and the door mats – and get your children to do so – to protect our corridor carpets.
• There are a number of small herb pots in the well on the south side of Block A. Please feel free to help yourself to herbs, leaving some for others.

• Foxes and rodents leave droppings on the grass. They may represent a health risk from parasites for all of us but particularly for young children. (This has occasionally been a problem with dogs so please ensure that if you have a pet in the garden that you clean up after them if necessary.)
• To reduce such hazards rodent deterrent boxes have been placed at various locations in the garden. Please do not touch them and take care your children do not do so.

• Other than for toddlers ball games should be played on the Heath and not in the garden.
• You are responsible for looking after your children in the garden – for ensuring they are safe and that they behave considerately to others (child and adult). Do not leave paddling pools unattended.
• Please ensure that children do not play in the flower beds as this can damage plants.
• Take toys and your own garden furniture, paddling pools etc. in with you at night.

• Feel free to use the garden for summer parties, but if there are more than 12 people present you have to ask the Board for permission.
• Use of the limited number of benches and chairs is a problem. The general feeling is that it is unfriendly to reserve them more than an hour ahead or to use too many of them at a time. If you have collected some together for a party please put them back round the garden as others may find them very heavy to shift.
• Be considerate with barbecues; the smoke and smell may be a nuisance for others in the garden or nearby flats. Ensure that somebody is present while the barbeque is hot.
• Take all your litter back with you.

• Any problems in the garden are best sorted out there and then but if they persist please speak to a member of the Board or the managing agent.