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The Pryors Handbook

The Handbook provides detailed information about The Pryors, our management and the practicalities of living here, for instance how to proceed if you wish to make alterations to your flat. The preface to the most recent edition (August 2019) states:

This is the seventh edition of the Handbook which first appeared in 1998. Much remains the same but some changes in the way things are done make a new edition necessary. This handbook along with the Pryors website is aimed at making information readily available to all.

As the introduction to a previous edition states: “We have the pleasure of living in Hampstead, which speaks for itself. We enjoy a tree-lined garden surrounded by perhaps the world’s greatest City park both fiercely guarded from further building or encroachment. Many of us believe it’s both a pleasure and a privilege to share this address.”

People who live here include young families, working people and retirees from a wide range of occupations and nationalities. In addressing issues that affect living at The Pryors, the Board tries to balance the needs of the eclectic community and ensure that any rules or regulations are fairly and consistently applied.

For easy reference, topics are set out in alphabetical order and a contents page provided. Important information about alterations within flats, rules for people coming to do building and decorating work at The Pryors, car park regulations and usage of storerooms can be found in the appendices at the end.

We trust that you will find it useful.


Download: Pryors Handbook_August 2019 jh5.pdf [1.50MB]